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Find a Director in Northern Nevada and Northern California

Reno, Nevada

Maria Glanzmann - mlglanzmann at

Over the years, Maria’s faith journey has led her to explore traditions and practices from different streams. She is a faith companion who comes alongside another person to help them discover the leading of the Holy Spirit in the midst of doubts, confusion, and challenges.  She was trained in spiritual direction through Christian Formation and Direction Ministry (CDFM) and continues her learning through contemplative spiritual readings and practices. Maria is a mother of three who loves long walks and reading books while drinking too many cups of tea.

Monique Jacobs - sisternomo at

Monique is a graduate of the Spiritual Direction Institute at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California. She has been in active practice since certification in June 2005. Monique is also a member of Spiritual Directors International and participates in a monthly supervision process for accountability and growth. Steeped in the practice of her Catholic faith and a ministry leader for over 40 years, her spirituality and depth of experience have allowed her to companion individuals from many faith practices. She believes The Divine crosses all human boundaries and is revealed to those who openly seek. She gratefully serves those whom she accompanies. Teleconferencing via Zoom, telephone and in-person sessions available. 

Joan Peyser - joan.peyser1435 at

Joan is the administrative director of CFDM Nevada. She was certified as a Spiritual Director in 2003 after completing a 2-year program through Oasis Ministries in Camp Hill, PA. Her training was modeled after the spiritual formation/direction program offered through Shalem Institute in Washington D.C.  She considers it a privilege to accompany people on their spiritual path. Her heart’s desire is that folks know and are in touch with the Divine that lives within, to help foster their deeper awareness of God as a relational one, and that they experience God’s unconditional love through their own stories.

Jacci Turner - jacciturnerauthor at

Jacci is the program director of CFDM for Northern Nevada. She was trained as a spiritual director at Northpark Seminary in Chicago and as a supervisor of directors through CFDM. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has over thirty years of ministry experience. She loves teaching and training on a variety of spiritual formation topics and is a published author of over ten books.

Carol Gabbert - gabbertcarol at

Amy Reasbeck - amylreasbeck at

Miranda LaRue - angelkiss817 at

Beth Schneir - bethschneir at


Carson City, Nevada

Veronica Galas galasr at

Veronica Galas completed spiritual director training through the Christian Formation & Direction Ministry Program (CFDM). She has over 28 years of experience as a nurse, specializing in cardiology and public health. She translates her professional experiences into the spiritual journey of the heart and our relationship with all that surrounds us.  All are welcome; those of any faith, LGBTQ and others who desire to enter into an exploration of life questions, self-discovery, transition, grief, experiences in faith communities, discernment, spirituality, and spiritual practices. In this relationship, the focal point will be your life’s journey and that which centers your life. Along with this journey of the soul, you are invited to venture as deeply as you choose into the reservoir of relationship with Mystery.

Rev. Dixie Jennings-Teats - jenningsteats1 at

I specialize in being a spiritual companion/Soul Friend with adults traveling through life’s transitions. As you reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life, you may recognize a deeper connection, presence and grace in your life. We will journey together, encouraging a safe container for the true self to emerge. You will be free to speak about spirituality using language that is significant to you or to express your spirituality through various art forms. I welcome body wisdom and creative practice as aspects of Spirituality.
Teleconferencing via Zoom or FaceTime, telephone and in-person sessions available.
“Journeying: SoulCare” Minister, Mover, Minding the Soul Member: Spiritual Directors International

Julie Maxwell - luckyme2 at

Julie is a graduate of the program in Clinical Pastoral Education at the University of California, Davis. She has been a hospice chaplain and grief counselor since 2005. Julie is certified as a Spiritual Director through Christian Formation & Direction Ministries and is also a member of Spiritual Directors International. Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, Julie is now part of the faith community at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Carson City, but she knows that the Divine Presence does not limit itself to any one faith affiliation, but resides in the hearts and souls of all believers.

Sharon Rogers - sharoncrogers at

Sharon is a retired early childhood, elementary, and special educator and consultant, who has spent the second half of her life focusing on loving, intimate relationships with God, herself, and others. She completed a two-year certification course with Christian Formation and Direction Ministries (CFDM). She is a member of Spiritual Directors International. She meets monthly with a supervisory group facilitated by CFDM. Sharon, a widow, is a member, liturgist, and musician at Carson City First United Methodist Church and a spiritual leader in the Dias con Cristo ecumenical ministry sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada. 

Carol Reid - caroleena37 at

Patty Schreiner - brooksp17 at

Victoria Warren - victoria.warren at

Janet Campbell - bcfleur624 at



Trudy Erquiaga - trudyerq at


Paulette McGregor - paulettejmc at

Incline Village

Ginnie Jed - ginniejed at

Ginnie brings her creativity as an artist into spiritual direction along with her joy in discovering the myriad ways God is working in each life. In addition to one-on-one companioning, Ginnie facilitates group direction in “Healing of Grief & Loss” and Centering Prayer retreats. Trained and certified as a Spiritual Director by Christian Formation & Direction Ministries (CFDM), Ginnie has also been deeply influenced by the Anonymous program’s 12 Steps as a participant and as a ministry leader.  She knows grief and loss and provides a sacred confidential space to others who find themselves on that journey. 

Burlingame, California

Mary Duquaine - mary.duquaine at

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